1. To enhance fair Representation, strong Networks and Alliances for Farmer and rural interest in National life.
  2. To provide finance and logistics for Farmers, sustainable rural development, agri- business and rural enterprises.
  3. To provide capacity and training opportunities for rural peoples including ICT, Research and Innovation.
  4. To Support legislation and International Conventions for sustainable agriculture, rural development, Climate Change, MDGs, Fair Trade and farmers rights.
  5. To promote and advocate for Policies, legislation, political voice and activism supporting farmer and rural interests.
  6. To Promote gender and special groups interests (youth, women, disabled/challenged, voiceless, non-formally educated, special needs) in sustainable agricultural value chains, rural development and Sustainable Natural resource management.
  7. To strengthen the capacity of small and medium rural farmers for agro-forestry and reforestation.
  8. 8. To promote access to markets and finance for small and medium size agro-forestry and reforestation.
  9. To promote partnerships and networking for small and medium size farmers for forestry.
  10. To promote advocacy for policies on land tenure, resource rights and rural forestry.
  11. To research for solutions on climate change on arid and semi-arid areas and rural livelihoods.
  12. To promote agriculture and forestry-based green enterprises, food security and poverty reduction.


  1. To strengthen the capacity of small and medium rural farmers capacity to acquire best practices for farming, livelihoods, agro forestry and reforestation projects.
  2. To promote access to markets and build financial mechanisms to support small and medium size agro forestry and reforestation enterprises.
  3. To promote partnerships and networking for small and medium size farmers to share information and exchange programmes to enhance knowledge, innovations and expertise in agriculture and forestry in rural and forest dependent communities.
  4. To promote advocacy to influence policy changes relating to land tenure and resource use rights for rural and forest dependent communities.
  5. To research and find sustainable solutions to meet the challenges of climate change and rural enterprises and Agri-business enhancement.
  6. To promote the development of agriculture and forestry based green enterprises to engender green jobs, improve food security and poverty reduction.


The Mission, Vision, Goals, Core Values and Objectives are translated into programmes, projects and activities for the benefit of members, farmers, farmer groups, Agricultural producers and rural peoples and special groups, such as Organizational development and Capacity building; Advocacy for implementation of existing National and International laws and policies in favour of Farmers and rural development, including land tenure , land governance and natural resource ownership, protection and management; Implementation of financial mechanisms to enhance sustainable agricultural value chains, SDGs, Climate mitigation and resilience, rural innovations, food security corridors, creation of farmers platforms and networking for policy and legislation enactment, adoption and implementation; farmers rights to fair compensation in pricing of agricultural produce and environmental services, protection of beneficiary rights of small holder farmers and rural people to natural resources and eco-systems functions, services and green enterprises, rural enterprises, agri-business, agro-forestry, green manure and cover crop technologies, improved livelihood security and income levels; The strategic use of ICT facilities to enhance farmer and rural peoples interaction, meetings, grass root innovations and promotion of activities along the farming value chains, Market access, distribution of Agricultural inputs, storage Facilities and sustainable rural development.

Comprehensive Flagship Programme for Welfare and Development of Farmers

This Mandate provides a framework for COFAG Comprehensive Flagship Programme for Welfare and Development of Farmers with Economic, Occupational Health, Educational and Training, Investment and Financial Components, spanning 3-5 years in first cycle.


COFAG progressively initiated moves to promote coordination of Farmers in the Commonwealth, starting with extending to lead the formation of West Africa Farmers Alliance (WAFA) of Five Commonwealth West African Countries, Africa Farmers Alliance (AFA) of Commonwealth Countries of Africa and finally Commonwealth Farmers Organisation (CFO) open for membership to all Commonwealth Farmers Organisations.

World Farmers Organisation (WFO)

 COFAG is member of World Farmers Organisation (WFO) and Facilitates WFO Innovation Working Group.

Transitional Agriculture Project

COFAG is part of the 6 country Transitional Agriculture Project

COFAG affiliates

COFAG is smallholder counterpart of Network of Commercial Farmers Ghana (NACOFAG)

Governance and Leadership

Rotating Governance System of Leadership is what COFAG is practicing in which Governance is more of training and grooming current and future leadership through Teams, mentoring, caching and rotating positions in the Team.