Our Goals

  1. Promote the welfare, rights, interests, occupational health, and wellbeing of Farmers/Producers,
  2. Undertake Advocacy for farmers, small holder farmers, women farmers, youth farmers and farmer organizations locally, nationally and globally, using our local but rich and indigenous knowledge management to inform national and global policies affecting farmer interests, pricing of agricultural produce, food security, rural poverty and livelihoods, agriculture, environment, sustainable development, eco-systems and natural resources management, water resources, climate change, SDGs and make local farmers understand and apply knowledge in their farming cultural practices.
  3. Enhance the development of farmers, farmer organizations and rural and community based organizations, agri-business and cooperatives,
  4. Use ICT, appropriate technology and knowledge management to enhance activities along sustainable agricultural value chains.
  5. Promote the Empowerment of farmers, especially female and Youth farmers, to build self-esteem, competences, capacities and connectedness
  6. Research into farmer, food, agricultural and rural development, agri-business and livelihoods issues.
  7. Training farmers, farmers groups, rural dwellers and their institutions,
  8. Secure Finance for members as individuals and in groups, of different kinds and shapes depending on needs and interests, set up farmer financial institutions/banks
  9. Provide Support to farmer and farmer-group members, associates, affiliates and other stakeholders on small holder farmer/producer needs, rights and demands.
  10. Promote food security and livelihoods for rural people and contribute to developing sustainable rural economies.
  11. Contribute to Local, National and global policies and campaigns including SDGs.
  12. Create Opportunities for educating farmers, rural people and providing resources for farmers to benefit from better infrastructural facilities and Sustainable Agricultural value chains.
  13. Support Local, national and global linkages and exchanges with farmers and farmer- organizations
  14. Promote farmer-to-farmer and farmer organization to- farmer organization linkages and exchanges for mutual win-win benefits and local, national and global partnerships, platforms, alliances and Networking with Organizations and individuals, professionals on common areas of interest, work and collaboration.